Thalassaemia Awareness Campaign


Thalassaemia is a hereditary blood disorder that causes one’s body to have less haemoglobins (red blood cells that carry oxygen) which results in feeling weak and tired easily, and or shortness of breath. Presently, there is no cure for thalassaemia, instead, regular blood transfusions are the most common method of treatment which is a life-long procedure.

Hibiscus Petroleum is committed in our support of local Thalassaemia communities and our efforts to raise awareness about this disorder. Our goal is to get the community involved in the fight against the disease in order to reduce Thalassaemia in the nation which is in line with the Malaysian government’s target. With the support of Malaysia’s Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education on the campaign, we hope to achieve our goal by engaging an important group of people –students – more effectively and impactfully.

In 2022, we launched NowyouSEEme (NYSM) 2.0 on World Thalassaemia Day after the successful collaboration last year with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. The campaign aims to educate secondary school students on the medical condition to be better informed and to play an active role in society to manage and eventually eradicate the disease.

The NYSM 2.0 campaign initiative taps into students’ creativity in storytelling to create content on social media platforms and engage in their respective school contests. We will see the involvement of 70 schools throughout the country competing, showcasing their talent and ingenuity to create awareness on Thalassaemia.

The NYSM 2.0 campaign is an important one to the cause of raising awareness on Thalassemia because the disease can only be best managed when detected early. The campaign has achieved its objective in sharing the Thalassaemia narrative through a fresh, different perspective – one that is relatable to their peers.

The future of education goes beyond the classroom and lies in digital platforms as we continue to shape the next generation into more holistic members of society. The campaign reflects how creative our students are in simplifying complex topics like Thalassaemia and how savvy they are in leveraging social media channels as a medium of learning.

To know more about the latest campaign, click the LINK to access the ‘NowYouSEEme’ portal.