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In Hibiscus Petroleum, our collective vision is to be a Respected, Valuable and Responsible Energy Company. To achieve our vision, we are seeking a diverse and dedicated team of individuals who operate at the highest level of integrity and possess the passion to succeed.

We recognise the importance of equality and value diversity. We act with integrity in determining remuneration levels based on the qualifications and experience of each individual, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, cultural background or other factors. We solely focus on merit when awarding performance-based compensation. We ensure that everyone is treated fairly, with respect and have equal access to resources and career advancement opportunities to enable them to contribute and grow with the company. We are committed in our zero-tolerance stance against any form of discrimination.

We operate in a multitude of locales alongside communities of varying socioeconomic and educational standing. Hibiscus Petroleum's career opportunities are open to all who meet the prerequisite criteria, share our core values and have the drive to succeed. We also welcome management trainees and/or industrial placement apprentices as part of our youth training/employment initiatives.

We offer our employees:

  • A performance-driven culture that generates results
  • An environment that thrives on enterprising teams, trustworthiness and agility
  • Opportunities for personal growth and professional development
  • Recognition and reward for performance
  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Excellent health and other benefits

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Hibiscus practises a fair and transparent recruitment process. All information uploaded will be treated as private and confidential and only utilised for internal evaluation purposes. We encourage you to explore job opportunities with us directly. We also encourage you to be wary of internet, email and telephone scams in which fraudsters may try to take advantage of job seekers by pretending to represent our Company.