Analyst, Reservoir Surveillance

Posted On: July 1, 2024
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Job Function: Reservoir Surveillance and Optimization
Employment Type: Permanent


The Analyst, Reservoir Surveillance reports directly to the Manager, Reservoir Surveillance and is responsible for:

  • Assisting the team in production optimization to achieve production, injection, and emission targets, and, overseeing activities and performance progress;

Production data gathering and evaluation, data integrity and checks, data storage and filing, and routine/ad-hoc reporting to various stakeholders.



Daily Production Data Updates

  • Update various production data, including gas balance, water injection, and gas injection daily to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information is available for analysis and decision-making.
  • Assist Operations in making updates or changes to production data when necessary to reflect real-time operational conditions.
  • Update deferment data to maintain accurate records of production shortfalls and their causes. This also includes updating critical equipment reports, to keep all stakeholders informed of production challenges and equipment status.
  • Assist in generating internal daily production reports when required to provide timely insights into production performance.
  • Update and maintain Fields’/Wells’ Daily Monitoring spreadsheets to ensure comprehensive tracking and analysis of field operations/wells historical performance.

Well Data Management

  • Update and maintain well files and well diagrams to ensure accurate and up-to-date information is readily available for operational/well intervention planning and troubleshooting.

Reporting and Compilation

  • Work closely with other teams to ensure production figures are available and accurate for reporting.
  • Generate reports, perform checks, and update deferment spreadsheets/database for internal and external reporting.
  • Prepare and update Operating Performance Report (OPR) for Reservoir Surveillance and Optimization Manager issuance to Petronas monthly.
  • Compile data and update the Short-Term Production Forecast (STPF) Latest Estimates with actual/provisional figures for monthly reporting.
  • Compile production surveillance data and update the Integrated Operation Meeting (IOM) presentation pack for quarterly reporting to Petronas.
  • Compile production surveillance data and update the TCM/MCM/OCM presentation packs for Petronas/JV reporting.
  • Compile production surveillance data and update the AMiR submission templates for Petronas.
  • Responsible for production surveillance data compilation and submission for ODU to Petronas on monthly/quarterly basis.

Data Quality and System Management

  • Perform data quality checks to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information for informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

Reservoir and Facilities Surveillance

  • Assist Engineer with reservoir, wells, and facilities surveillance, and follow up on issues related to production, deferment, emissions, and injections with Operations to ensure efficient monitoring and problem resolution.
  • Update well test data into gas optimization software (GLOP) to support accurate gas lift optimization.
  • Ensure all relevant reservoir split factors, idle wells, and well statuses are updated to maintain current and accurate well information.
  • Assist in updating SGS and FGS results for subsurface studies to support ongoing reservoir analysis and planning.

Support and Troubleshooting

  • Assist Engineers, and Manager for any other production surveillance related tasks.
  • Step up to assume Engineer roles when the Engineer is not available to ensure business continuity.



  • Possess at least a Diploma or Professional Diploma in any technical discipline or equivalent.
  • qualification from recognized universities/academic institution.
  • Possess 0-5 years of working experience, preferably with 2 years in the oil and gas industry.
  • Proficient in technical production, wells, and subsurface data, with a command of relevant terminology.
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of oil and gas offshore and terminal production processes and operations.
  • Possess a solid grasp of wells operations and related activities.
  • Exhibit a sound understanding of measurement and allocation data, along with the associated terminology.
  • Display effective coordination and communication skills, both in written and verbal forms.
  • Proactively approach tasks, quick to learn, and fosters a collaborative work environment.
  • Independent worker, receive instructions well, capable to deliver tasks with minimal supervision.
  • Adaptable and responsive to changing circumstances and expectations, including workload and work schedule.


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