Vision & Mission

Hibiscus Petroleum is a growing independent oil and gas exploration and production company. We are relatively young as an organisation, having been established in 2011. However, our foundations run deep.

Our Management team delivers value each day that originates from a base of knowledge, and a wide range of business relationships and experience that have been built through more than 300 years of combined knowledge and practice in the oil and gas industry, working for a diverse mix of industry players in various international settings.

We have a clear vision: To be a Respected, Valuable and Responsible Energy Company.

To be ‘respected’ has many interpretations. For the team at Hibiscus Petroleum, it simply means that we wish to be recognised as a serious and responsible participant in a truly global and competitive business landscape that requires:

  • strict and continuous adherence to host-country laws and an implementation of internationally accepted safety, environmental and technical standards; and
  • a deep understanding of petroleum related fiscal systems and general project and cost management skills.

We are also applying ourselves to being ‘valuable’. We believe that if we are ‘valuable’, then we are delivering something desired by our stakeholders which we hope, incentivises them to further collaborate or invest in us.

Being ‘responsible’ to us means always being conscious of the environment and caring for our people. Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) considerations form an integral part of our decision-making.

The words ‘respected’, ‘valuable’ and ‘responsible’ are evolving in nature. They denote that our vision is a journey which necessitates the nimble adaptation to changing business environments. Our challenge, each step of the way, is to ensure that we extract a maximum in returns by utilising a cost-efficient level of resources, always guided  by our compass of executing our vision safely and responsibly.

Whilst our vision for the Company is long term in nature, for the period 2021 to 2025 our goals are specific.

Our mission is to grow a responsible energy company that builds on its upstream oil & gas expertise and target to:

  • secure a net entitlement of at least 100 MMboe of net proved and probable oil & gas reserves; and
  • achieve an average of 25,000 barrels of oil equivalent of oil & gas per day in production, net to the Company.

We also aspire to become a net zero emissions producer.

Core Values

People Focused

We can only succeed when everyone works as one, with common objectives and unselfish behaviours in a safe and secure work environment.


The company is built on a backbone of entrepreneurial spirit. It creates an environment that enables employees to be adaptable and seize opportunities.


We believe that trust is a fundamental prerequisite to being a respected and valuable company.


Our uniqueness lies in our ability to be flexible, balanced, adaptive to change and our readiness to act.


Our company succeeds because our people take ownership and are tireless in pursuit of our goals.

Environmentally Conscious

Environmental concerns are essential to our decision making. Our actions shall safeguard the environment and align with the climate change agenda.

Cost Competitive

Cost effectiveness is at the heart of the company that focuses on maximising value for mid- to late-life assets.

Business Drivers

Health, Safety and Security

We aspire to achieve zero harm to people by upholding the highest standards of health, safety and security.

High-Performing and Empowered Employees

We recognise potential in our people and provide the platform for them to grow with the company. At all levels, we strive to empower our employees and with that comes accountability and responsibility.

Financial Discipline

We are focused on optimising the efficiency of our capital deployment and cash flow management; and delivering value. We make decisions as if we are spending our own money.

Balance between Producing and Development Assets

Producing assets provide strength to our operating capabilities and cash generation. This is complemented with development assets to generate sustainable growth.

Energy Transition

We will move into green energy in progressive and disciplined steps to diversify our portfolio and enhance its value. Our commitment to decarbonise will reflect our responsibility in upholding our environmental stewardship.

Technology and Teamwork

Technology and teamwork are vital for cost reduction, operational efficiencies and generating innovative ideas.

Conduct Business with Integrity and Transparency

Our good corporate governance nurtures a culture of integrity, transparency and ethical business practices, which leads to financial viability and a sustainable business, through attainment of stakeholders’ trust.

Control of Operations

We believe control of operations is necessary to safeguard our people and assets, to comply with laws and regulations and to enhance decision making and underpin smooth operations, all of which protects our reputation.

Community Partnership

We strive to make a positive impact in the communities where we operate.